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A 2015-2020 Forecast for MOOC

“Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) represent a distance-based approach to eLearn wherein many students may participate in a highly collaborative and interactive fashion.” (BUSINESS WIRE)

Massive Open Online Courses have received unbelievable hype and growth over the past couple of years. Millions of students around the world have been drawn to this method of learning, and have become the guinea pigs of this project of new, most of the time free, form of education.

MOOC provide several opportunities to leverage the latest technologies and methods to diffuse knowledge in widespread geographies.

However, the efficacy and long term sustainability of this learning and development strategy is yet to be proven. Numerous researchers have taken on the task to check in on the possibilities within this field, and recently,  MOOC: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2015-2020 was released.

This report provides an assessment of different trends, revenues and future impacts on various industries. It an in-depth analysis of the global MOOC market and the ways in which it can impact an organization in any industry.

Access to this 136 page report can be purchased through this link, and also includes a session with an analyst that helps link the report to any business issue.

It is important to keep up to date with the latest about MOOCs. The industry has a lot of potential, and its take off is yet to be seen.


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