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5 Ways to Improve Learning and Development

Identifying skill gaps and providing supportive training to reduce the lags in development is arguably one of the most important jobs within an organization.

The dynamics of today’s work environment make it imperative for learning and development departments to stay on top of their game and always offer their employees the best opportunities to improve performance and maximize productivity and efficiency within their organization.

So, what can you do to boost Learning and Development within your organization today?

Here are six practical and easy to apply tips:

1. Align with vision:

Think of the following questions- what skill sets are most important to ensure your team members can move forward? What can you do to make sure that employees fulfill the organization’s development goals and vision?

2. Think desk ready.

Look for opportunities that will be available for employees on their desk, during work hours. Avoid training and development that takes away work time. Professionals should be able to access their training as often as they need and wherever they need.

3. Tap into a new territory.

Consider innovative ways to deliver content. As a couple of examples, you can consider tapping top professionals within your organization and having them share their knowledge with your team. Gather best-practice scenarios from top performers and have them explain the method behind their success.

4. Target transferable content.

Avoid content that will not add real value. Create a feedback loop to check what is working and what isn’t.

5. Be brutally current.

When it comes to course materials for employees, you can never re-use material. Slides and handouts from 2010 will not cut it anymore- you have to be up with the most cutting-edge innovation in your industry.

Following these tips will help Learning and Development departments make the best out of their company's talents and thus keep up with today’s competitive corporate environment.

Read the full article by Marla Gottshalk here.


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