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7 Steps to Effective Leadership

Being aware of what leadership style you have and what your organization needs is the first step to becoming an effective leader. The next seven steps are here to guide you through this journey of self-development so you can create an organizational impact.

1. Be bold

2. Be strengths-savvy

3. Stretch your leadership style

4. Be "going somewhere"

5. Be "follower-focused"

6. Be balanced

7. Be true to you

To read these seven steps in detail, click here.


iLead is a real life-like simulation that tests the leadership mettle of the user. In the simulation, the user steps into the role of a sales director of an elevator company that has created a market for itself through innovative products. The sales team selling a specific elevator product is under-performing and is nowhere close to achieving the target. The user has to inspire, motivate and turnaround the sales team to achieve the sales target.

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