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Advantages of a Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems are quickly becoming a distinct feature of effective learning programs in schools, universities and the workplace.

A LMS is a software application that allows for training programs to be delivered remotely and with unprecedented flexibility. At its core, LMS softwares are designed to distribute training and facilitate learning experiences while keeping track of results.

With rapid advancements in technology, LMS software is constantly evolving in ways to better suit company's needs. Today, more and more institutions are choosing to integrate LMS into their workplace.

Now, what are the benefits in following in their steps?

Here are some of the benefits of LMS in the workplace:

  1. Centralized Learning
  2. Tracking and Reporting Features
  3. Evaluation Capabilities
  4. Easy Upgrades
  5. Simplified Learning Process

To learn more about LMS and the benefits of their use, click here.


KNOLSKAPE's AktivLearn is a cutting-edge gamified LMS platform that focuses on bringing experience back to learning. It packs in content that is immersively gamified and provides a launch pad for learners to acquire skills and competencies in a manner like never before.

Global Fortune 500 companies and Top-10 B-schools use KNOLSKAPE’s products and solutions for on-boarding, training, assessments, and talent engagement strategies.

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