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Agile Simulation

How effectively are you able to respond to the changing needs of the market?

Organizations may have a great product or service to deliver to customers. However, the needs of the customer and the market are constantly changing. Organizations that continue to thrive are those that have a pulse on these changing needs and deliver a customer-focused offering in real-time.

The answer to building this capability lies in having an AGILE MINDSET, an ability that allows organizations to:

  1. Respond to a constantly evolving market
  2. Manage people to work in an agile fashion
  3. Push customer-focused offerings to the market as soon as possible

Develop an agile mindset in a safe learning, experiential environment with KNOLSKAPE’s AGILE Simulation.


About the Simulation

KNOLSKAPE’s AGILE Simulation is the first-of-its-kind simulation built on the principles of the agile manifesto. Harnessing the power of gamification to engage, educate and empower learners, the simulation helps learners apply the principles of agile thinking in real-life situations.

  • Break down projects into smaller cycles
  • Build and deploy offerings that cater to customers’ real-time needs
  • Shape your team to embrace end-to-end accountability

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Who is it for?

Ideal for professionals who want to:

  • Understand and adopt an agile way of working
  • Gain first-mover advantage and keep pace with the rapid changes in the world


For the learners:

  • Learn and foster the fundamentals of working in an agile manner
  • Adapt to delivering frequent changes in a project to fulfil customer needs
  • Master working in a VUCA world

For the organization:

  • Create opportunities to earn the first-mover advantage by having a clear minimal viable approach to building products
  • Create robust Go-to-Market Strategies for offerings that address the end-users’ requirements in a short span of time
  • Be a step ahead of the competition by quickly adapting to the changes in the market
  • Maximize production efficiency by adopting a build-fail-learn-build environment

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