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How to Avoid Bad Training

Research suggests that 90% of new skills learned can be lost after the first year of training. How can managers prepare themselves to avoid this potential outcome? According to Eduardo Salas, Professor of Organizational Psychology at the University of Central Florida, organizations must do three things.

1. Analyze Need: Organizations need to focus on who needs the training and what kind is needed. This is critical, as it can be costly to train all employees on general skills and knowledge.

2. Focus on Design: The next step is focusing on an evaluation system. This means having a training system generate useful analytics on the individual. The benefits include understanding the training program and the trainee better.

3. Focus on Design: It's important managers understand the before, during, and after aspects of the training. How is the company fostering learning? How is the employee putting the skills into practicality? How is an organization utilizing the skills afterward?

4. Follow Up: According to the American Society of Training and Development, 90% of what the employees learned will go out the window after the training sessions. This means ROI is cut significantly, so it's important that employees are given meaningful tasks that help them utilize their newfound skills right away.

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