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Navigating the Digital Age with Virtual Assessment Centres

Virtual Assessment Centres - KNOLSKAPE

Executive Summary

This white paper talks about the evolution of Assessment Centres (AC) and highlights why it has emerged as the preferred mode of candidate selection for critical talent decisions, over the years.

For decades, organizations have run with what we now consider to be the traditional way of
conducting assessment centres. However, the digital era has thrown light on some critical pitfalls in the traditional ACs, making them unsuitable for mass, recurring talent requirements which we highlight in later sections of this whitepaper.

Most importantly, this white paper explains how a Virtual Assessment Centre (VAC) can help
mitigate these challenges to a large extent, without compromising the design principles, democratic nature and the undeniable merits of a traditional AC, as well as the emergence and impact of technology in the AC process, and how a VAC can help fill the gaps where a traditional AC might fall short.

The key takeaways of conducting a VAC conclude this comprehensive whitepaper.

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