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Three Factors for Managing Culture to Thrive in The Digital Age


Can you imagine life without air? Obviously not. Similar is the case with an organization’s culture. Henrik Kniberg of Spotify, says, “Culture tends to be invisible, we don’t notice it because it is there all the time. But if everyone understands the organization’s culture, we are more likely to be able to keep it – and even strengthen it as we grow.” His statement interpreted in light of McKinsey’s research fosters the importance of an organization’s culture. The research findings explain the three practices that hinder an organization’s survival in the digital age: silo-ed mindset, aversion to taking risks, and lack of customer centricity.

While there has been a lot of research on the key cultural practices for managing in this digital age, the three factors that aren’t emphasized enough are:

  • Failing faster
  • Building a learning organization
  • Fostering a network of expertise
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