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Test sord grid

  • Web 2.0 – An Era of Learning

    Let’s rewind back to the early days of the world wide web. If we jog our memories a little bit,  we’d remember that  websites in those days served the purpose of disseminating information in a predominantly one-way fashion. This is usually referred to as the Web 1.0 era. We are now living in the Web 2.0 era […]

  • Safe Learning Environments Are Necessary

    Pilots undergo rigorous flight simulator exercises before they are allowed to man an actual aircraft. Doctors practice their skills on a cadaver long enough before they are allowed to do the real thing. When stakes are high, when lives are impacted, when actions are irreversible, it is imperative that safe learning environments be created where the […]

  • What is Experiential Learning and Its Key Elements

  • A Summary of the First Ever BITSAA Global Meet in 2011

    Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani (premier academic institute and the top private engineering college in India) and BITSAA International (alumni organization representing BITS Pilani alumni all over the world) conducted its 1st ever BITSAA Global Meet in 2011 (BGM 2011) at Delhi from January 7th to 9th, 2011. The theme of this event was  ‘Transforming […]

  • Employability of New Graduates: Innovators Welcome!

    We are seeing some staggering numbers in the hiring of tech companies in India. Tata Consultancy Services plans to hire 37,000 professionals for its domestic and overseas markets through campus placements in the financial year beginning April 1,2011. The top five companies are estimated to hire 160,000 to 180,000 new employees in the next one year, […]

  • Facebook-ization of Learning

    Mark Zuckerberg in one of his recent interviews mentioned that education is ripe for Facebook -ization. I think he is right on the money. Learning inherently is a social activity. Students learn as much from their professors as from peers. We have seen the huge impact that social learning brings in when we launch our simulations […]

  • Harvard Moves Towards Experiential Learning

    A very interesting development indeed and one that confirms our thinking on management education. Harvard says it wants to pursue things that will set the course for the next 100 years of management learning. Earlier, Harvard did this using the case methodology, a very popular approach to management learning even today. It is taking a bold […]

  • Changing Education Paradigms

    The following video wonderfully illustrates the talk by Sir Ken Robinson on changing education paradigms Changing Education Paradigms Some of my key takeaways: There is a need to 1. Bring back collaboration inside the classroom 2. Encourage divergent thinking 3. De-standardize the learning process I believe experiential learning in a social setting provides a great alternative to the ineffective, […]

  • An Evolution Towards Hands-on Learning Methods

    Most top B-schools today, including INSEAD, Kellogg, Wharton, are focusing on hands-on digital learning and innovation. Even companies today emphasize the use of experiential learning in the corporate training setup. Harvard Business School (HBS) invented the Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) in 1921. We are now 10 years away from celebrating 100 years of the MBA degree. […]

  • How Hiring Gaps Are Impacting India’s Education System

    “How hiring gaps are impacting India’s Education system?” A recent article on Wall Street Journal on India talks about how hiring gaps are impacting India's education system. Indians are credited with excellent math skills, but a considerable number lack educational basics such as reading comprehension and communication skills. It’s pretty hard to accept that in a country of one billion, […]

  • The Art and Science of Launching a Product

    Helen of Troy had an incredibly simple, yet remarkably successful launch strategy. She had a beautiful face and that was enough to launch a thousand ships. The rest of us mere mortals have to learn, fail and over time, perfect the elusive science and art of launch. Product launches play a very vital role in shaping […]

  • KNOLSKAPE – An Experiential Learning (or Un-learning) Company

    There is a folklore about elephants and their mahouts in Kerala, a southern state in India. In order to curb the free-roaming instinct of elephants, the mahouts tether a baby elephant to a strong tree with a chain. The baby elephant tries with all its might to free itself from the shackles. But it is not […]

  • KNOLSKAPE’s Education Hackathon

    After three days and two nights, KNOLSKAPE's Education Hackathon commenced. The event was a  lot of fun and hard work to plan and it was a grand success. A day before the hack, the teams were decided, named and an exclusive website for the Hackathon was created. We had 6 teams in total with 4 members […]

  • A Million Words to Explain: What does KNOLSKAPE do?

    So what does KNOLSKAPE do? It is said that while a picture is worth a thousand words, a short video is worth more than a million words! At KNOLSKAPE, one common sight is to find knollies explaining the concept of experiential learning to the world. We thought this video will help all of them. Here is […]

  • Future Ready Managers: Overcoming Challenges of First Time Leaders

    Becoming a manager for the first time is a great feeling. However, this feel good factor may be short lived if these future leaders are not equipped to assume new responsibilities and skills while also being trained to assess a situation and react accordingly. In order to be prepared for tomorrow, here are some key areas […]