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Brain Talks: Seven Principles eLearning Should Address

The human brain is the most fascinating and complex organ in the human body. We are far from understanding the dynamics and specifics of its endless functions, but several research projects have been able to find patterns in the way that our brain best learns, retains information and functions at its prime.

When using gamification or eLearning, we are attempting to enhance learning by using technology to enhance the experience.

But unless these programs take the workings of the human brain into consideration, they will never reach their full potential.

Logicearth designed a creative framework that, speaking from a brain’s point of view, guides us through the seven principles of modern instructional design for eLearning:

1. Insights

2. Pacing

3. Visual Impact

4. Relevance

5. Practice

6. Scaffolding

7. Reinforcement

Click here to take a look at Logicearth’s info-graphic that outlines the brain's preferences for eLearning programs.


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