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Bringing the fun back to HR!


There is a great deal of buzz around gamification right now. In fact, an entire day was spent on this topic at HR Magazine’s very own conference earlier this year. Missed it? You lose 10 points!

The idea of creating a game to get something done is by no means a new notion. Anyone who has had any contact with children will have their own experiences of gamifying household tasks to make them more palatable. Marieke van Raai, Director, Knolskape shared, “Personal favorites of mine are going through the car wash (having a shower and actually using soap), marching like soldiers (getting to the school bus on time) and using our ninja powers to find mummy’s keys —you get the idea.”

This is common, not just at home but also in the field of education. Children’s educators often use play to create engaging and immersive experiences in which children absorb and learn huge amounts of information, all under the guise of fun. Imagine that, having so much fun you don’t even realize you are learning.

And at some point, this all grinds to a halt. At some point we became accustomed to rote learning, sitting through boring classes,

trawling through enormous piles of literature, regurgitating facts and figures—I don’t know about you, but corporate compliance training to me is the absolute epitome of how fun left town. So, where did all the fun go? Maybe the same place as the information—according to EbbingHaus’s Forgetting Curve, only 21% of what is learned is retained after the completion of a training program. So it’s not only the case of the fun leaving town; so did the facts.

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