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July 22, 2019 - Comments Off on GrandPrix Simulation Teaser

GrandPrix Simulation Teaser

Grand Prix/F1 simulation traverses through the journey of a team manager who has to take key decisions in hiring the right personnel, take key engineering decisions, partner with sponsors and manage risks to take the team to victory in the upcoming grand prix season. The simulation takes users through an exciting journey of racing and tests their project and portfolio management mettle to get things done on time with the appropriate amount of resources.

July 22, 2019 - Comments Off on Coaching Simulation Teaser

Coaching Simulation Teaser

The Coaching Sim helps managers learn the essentials of coaching and apply it in a safe, real-life like environment. Coaching is a complex skill, as a coach should not only motivate the team but also master the nuances of dealing with the inner emotions of a team member. The Coaching Sim has all these complexities built into itself, thereby making the learner exercise his faculty fully to have a successful coaching conversation.

July 22, 2019 - Comments Off on SalesQuest Simulation Teaser

SalesQuest Simulation Teaser

The SalesQuest simulation places a user in the shoes of a sales executive, who is tasked with selling a B2B solution to individual customers. The user is presented with a sales funnel and no customer to begin with. The user needs to generate leads, qualify them, and with more and more interactions, convert them into revenue – just like a real life scenario!

July 22, 2019 - Comments Off on Inbox Simulation Teaser

Inbox Simulation Teaser

In the lnbox simulation, the participants assume the role of an employee in an organization where they have to deal with the tasks of a busy day. The participants are exposed to a series of tasks and are expected to achieve business objectives by reading, writing e-mails, prioritizing and executing tasks within the allotted time.

June 28, 2019 - Comments Off on Trust Simulation Teaser

Trust Simulation Teaser

Trust Simulation develops scenarios to influence and build trust with your stakeholders. It focuses on Relationship Styles, Power Map and Building Trust. Relationship Styles helps one understand the drivers of the stakeholders, Power Map aids in identifying the relationship between stakeholders, and Building Trust using Trust Equation concepts.

June 18, 2019 - Comments Off on ChangeQuest Simulation Teaser

ChangeQuest Simulation Teaser

ChangeQuest is a Change Management simulation, where participants play the role of a change agent in a virtual organization. The objective is to secure the support of various stakeholders in the organization to bring in a transformational change.

June 17, 2019 - Comments Off on Build Your Business Simulation Teaser

Build Your Business Simulation Teaser

KNOLSKAPE's Build Your Business is an exciting business acumen simulation where the participants step into the shoes of a CEO and take decisions spanning HR, Finance, Marketing, R&D with an objective of maximizing net profits. The simulation tests the participants on concepts revolving around P&L management, operational decision making, and strategic execution. KNOLSKAPE simulations range from leadership and coaching to strategic execution and sales capabilities.

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Design Thinking Simulation Teaser

The Design Thinking Simulation is designed to help learners change the way they approach problems and problem-solving. The simulation puts learners in the role of a leader of a business that has been facing severe growth concerns and challenges them to achieve rapid growth and the great customer experience in a short span of time.