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June 28, 2019 - Comments Off on Trust Simulation Teaser

Trust Simulation Teaser

Trust Simulation develops scenarios to influence and build trust with your stakeholders. It focuses on Relationship Styles, Power Map and Building Trust. Relationship Styles helps one understand the drivers of the stakeholders, Power Map aids in identifying the relationship between stakeholders, and Building Trust using Trust Equation concepts.

June 18, 2019 - Comments Off on ChangeQuest Simulation Teaser

ChangeQuest Simulation Teaser

ChangeQuest is a Change Management simulation, where participants play the role of a change agent in a virtual organization. The objective is to secure the support of various stakeholders in the organization to bring in a transformational change.

June 17, 2019 - Comments Off on Build Your Business Simulation Teaser

Build Your Business Simulation Teaser

KNOLSKAPE's Build Your Business is an exciting business acumen simulation where the participants step into the shoes of a CEO and take decisions spanning HR, Finance, Marketing, R&D with an objective of maximizing net profits. The simulation tests the participants on concepts revolving around P&L management, operational decision making, and strategic execution. KNOLSKAPE simulations range from leadership and coaching to strategic execution and sales capabilities.

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Design Thinking Simulation Teaser

The Design Thinking Simulation is designed to help learners change the way they approach problems and problem-solving. The simulation puts learners in the role of a leader of a business that has been facing severe growth concerns and challenges them to achieve rapid growth and the great customer experience in a short span of time.

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iLead Simulation Teaser

KNOLSKAPE's iLead is an innovative software simulation that helps business leaders hone their leadership styles. To successfully complete the simulation, learners are expected to use a variety of leadership styles in response to touch scenarios and produce extraordinary results by energizing and inspiring the team. KNOLSKAPE simulations range from leadership and coaching to strategic execution and sales capabilities.

March 6, 2019 - No Comments!

How simulations create deep, meaningful impact on learner behavior

Do you wonder whether the learning interventions your team creates for the organization are impactful enough? Does the learning lead to behavioral changes, enhance capabilities, and improve employee productivity?

Several professions go through rigorous training well before working because their decisions are highs takes and there is no room for error. Aren’t decisions in the corporate world high stakes as well? Is corporate learning as rigorous?

In this video, KNOLSKAPE explains the process of learning, the challenges associated with traditional learning, and how simulations make deep behavioral impacts on adult learners, employee productivity, and the organization’s bottom line.