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January 16, 2020 - Comments Off on Webinar Recording – Leading innovation in the digital era

Webinar Recording – Leading innovation in the digital era

About the Webinar: In this webinar, Rishikesha T Krishnan, author, columnist and professor of Strategy at IIM Bangalore. Prof. Krishnan will unravel how #innovation is easier in the #digital era. Yet, capturing value from innovation is becoming more challenging. This calls for the leader’s role to change to that of chief experimenter. The webinar will be hosted by Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder CEO of KNOLSKAPE and the author of Clearing the Digital BLUR.


1. Understanding the nature of innovation.

2. Capturing value from innovation, in the digital age.

3. People dimensions of managing innovation

October 31, 2019 - Comments Off on Webinar Recording – Overcoming the Achilles heel of learning delivery

Webinar Recording – Overcoming the Achilles heel of learning delivery

About the Webinar:In this exclusive webinar by KNOLSKAPE, Senior facilitator Anand Thangaraj, who comes with over two decades of L&D experience, will unravel the myths of live virtual learning and talk about key best practices, leading to the stellar learner experience.


  • Enable two-way communication in the virtual classroom.
  • Leverage commonly available virtual tools in your facilitation.
  •  Build relationships with participants for improved engagement.

September 19, 2019 - Comments Off on Webinar – Uncovering the holy trinity of digital transformation

Webinar – Uncovering the holy trinity of digital transformation

About the Webinar: In this exclusive webinar on Uncovering the holy trinity of digital transformation, Jaspreet Bindra, Ex-CDO at Mahindra Group, thought leader in digital transformation and blockchain, author- The Tech Whisperer, he will present his unique ideas digital transformation. While Jaspreet’s focus will be on business models and customer experience, Rajiv will share his views on people and culture.

January 21, 2019 - No Comments!

The Future of Learning – Why, What and How

About the Webinar: According to research by the Cognizant Centre for the Future of Work, when it comes to preparing people for jobs in the future of work, both corporates and higher educational institutes are slow to revamp their education and training models or collaborate with each other. Research by the KNOLSKAPE Insights Centre shows that learning mode is on the cusp of disruption, and how we learn tomorrow will be markedly different from how we do so today.

In this exclusive webinar, Manish and Rajiv unravel the why, what and how of the future of learning, and discuss the many possibilities that organizations can look forward to, given the disruption in learning methods.

Speaker details:

Manish Bahl, Head - APAC, Centre for the Future of Work, Cognizant; Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder and CEO, KNOLSKAPE.

Manish Bahl heads the Center for the Future of Work (cFOW) in Asia Pacific and is responsible to develop original thought leadership content related to Code Halos, Digital Transformation, and the Future of Work. Rajiv Jayaraman is the Founder CEO at KNOLSKAPE and is the author of the upcoming book Clearing the Digital BLUR.

November 30, 2018 - No Comments!

Webinar – Why happiness at work matters—and 3 tips to increase it

About the Webinar:What if we told you, “If you do this one very simple thing, you will
be much more successful at work. You will get much bigger salary raises, you will get promoted faster, and yes, your boss will like you!” You’d probably say, “tell me all about it” of course!
Prof Raj Raghunathan of the University of Texas is here to tell you that this very simple thing is as simple as it gets: it’s being happier at work.

Webinar Deck

November 27, 2018 - No Comments!

Webinar – Engaging a multi-generational workforce

About the Webinar: We have multiple generations working together and contributing at the workplace today. Given this reality, building intra- and inter-generational engagement is an imperative for people managers.
A webinar by Subramanian Kalpathi (Subbu) Senior Director, Centre of Expertise (COE) | Author, The Millennials: Exploring the world of the largest living generation

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Webinar – The Evolution of Digital Talent: Implications for Talent Development

About the Webinar: The L&D and Talent development functions are fast evolving in the 21st century. Anytime, anywhere learning tools are now commonplace, and the modern learner is no longer just dependent on formal learning tools to guide his or her learning. Given this backdrop, Dr. Swatee Sarangi, Head - Capability Development, Corporate HR at Larsen & Toubro and Subramanian Kalpathi, Head of KNOLSKAPE Insight Centre address the following subjects:

1) Introduction to latest research from KNOLSKAPE
2) The evolution of digital talent, and what this means for talent development
3) The missing link: building soft digital skills among your workforce
4) How learning culture plays a vital role in the success or failure of your talent initiatives

October 15, 2018 - No Comments!

Webinar – Aligning learning needs to business requirements

About the Webinar: Learning is pivotal to stay in business and keep scaling. As an HR and learning professional, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be about aligning learning needs to address business challenges. So how do you go about it? Tune into our exclusive webinar and get the insights.

What role does learning play in this context?
What can the learning and HR functions do to better interface with the business?
How can leaders drive learning agility in their organizations?
How do you as a learning or HR professional measure the impact of learning initiatives?

Hosted by Hari T.N, Head HR Bigbasket and Subramanian Kalpathi, Senior Director at KNOLSKAPE