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July 25, 2018 - No Comments!

Interview Series: Digital Experts & Thought Leaders

Interview Series: Digital Experts & Thought Leaders - Jasper Tan

Jasper Tan Kai Loon is the Head of Human Resource at JAPFA Ltd., Singapore and is responsible for human resource management, policy governance and administration.

Prior to joining JAPFA, Mr. Tan was employed by the Singapore Ministry of Defense from 1998 to 2012. He has held various positions including Head of the Singapore Armed Forces Careers Centre and Head of MINDEF Scholarship Centre. He was appointed as the Head of the Human Resource Department of the Ministry of Defense in 2009 and was responsible for all human resource matters for all non-uniformed personnel of the Ministry of Defense and Singapore Armed Forces.

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Interview Series: Digital Experts & Thought Leaders


Interview Series: Digital Experts & Thought Leaders - Nitin Prasad

Nitin Prasad is the current and youngest Chairman of Shell India. An electrical engineer from Georgia Institute of Technology, US, and a management graduate from INSEAD, Prasad has a proven track record of managing large diverse global teams, developing and implementing strategy, innovating and leading change across cross-functional and multi-jurisdictional roles with special expertise in change management and successful turnarounds in Asian markets.

Prior to this, he was the cluster general manager for lubricants sales and marketing for India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and has been instrumental in turning around lubricants business in India. His previous roles in Shell include chemicals where he was GM for APME supply chain and senior advisor on downstream strategy.

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Ears to the Ground – Insights from KNOLSKAPE’s Digital Readiness Survey

Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture Global famously said, “Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000.” The Digital Age is upon us and has brought with it a tsunami of change that is affecting almost every sector. Where do reigning industry leaders stand in defining their digital strategy, infusing digital capabilities into their organizations and setting up a culture that is conducive for the digital era?

These are the questions we set out to answer in the KNOLSKAPE Digital Maturity Study. Through a combination of primary and secondary research, this report delves into the digital readiness of organizations, small and large, across three crucial elements of Digital: Strategy, Capabilities, and Culture.

Some key findings from the report:

  • While 85% of leaders surveyed believe their mission, vision and business strategy is aligned with the digital world, only 63% of respondents feel that HR has clear and quantifiable goals for measuring the success of the digital strategy.
  • While 88% of organizations believe they take measured risks to solve business challenges, at best 63% respondents believe they have digital savvy leaders who proactively execute digital strategy and just 40% believe they have a culture that encourages smart failures.

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Rajiv Jayaraman decodes the Digital BLUR™ in an interview with

ETCIO Interview with Rajiv Jayaraman


In an interview with ETCIO.COM, Rajiv Jayaraman, CEO, and Founder of Knolskape discusses the attributes of a digital enterprise.

Tell me how Knolskape got started and what you’ve set out to do for customers.

Knolskape was founded in the year 2008. For the first few years, we were focused on the academic market to make classrooms more experiential using simulations, games, and hands-on learning tools. Initially, it was all about working with the top 10- 15 B schools across the world like MIT, INSEAD, Kellogg School of Management, ISB in India, so on and so forth. While doing this we built a lot of products that would make learning process more fun, value-based and experiential. People would then refer to those experiences and apply the experiential learning back in the job. So we understood the art and science of making learning more effective by using the experiential software.

Along the journey, we realized that organizations needed help in dealing with diversity in their workforce. They were scouting for effective ways to assess, engage and develop talent in a new age digital format. That was the main ask. So having worked with a lot of B-schools across the world, we understood the art and science of building leaders and managers across different levels within the organization and using our software tools we were able to help organizations across the entire spectrum of talent management- onboarding, assessment, talent engagement, and development.

Today, we work with 300+ large organizations across 22 countries. We have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, India, and USA. Primarily, there are three areas we are focused on – assessment, development, and talent engagement. Technology is at the heart of what we do because we use simulations, AI, mobile, to accelerate employee development. We help build leaders across the different levels within the organization by using behavioral science simulation and experiential technology. As a provider of talent transformation solutions for the modern workplace that’s our core value proposition.

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Source: May 2018 Edition

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Bringing the fun back to HR!


There is a great deal of buzz around gamification right now. In fact, an entire day was spent on this topic at HR Magazine’s very own conference earlier this year. Missed it? You lose 10 points!

The idea of creating a game to get something done is by no means a new notion. Anyone who has had any contact with children will have their own experiences of gamifying household tasks to make them more palatable. Marieke van Raai, Director, Knolskape shared, “Personal favorites of mine are going through the car wash (having a shower and actually using soap), marching like soldiers (getting to the school bus on time) and using our ninja powers to find mummy’s keys —you get the idea.”

This is common, not just at home but also in the field of education. Children’s educators often use play to create engaging and immersive experiences in which children absorb and learn huge amounts of information, all under the guise of fun. Imagine that, having so much fun you don’t even realize you are learning.

And at some point, this all grinds to a halt. At some point we became accustomed to rote learning, sitting through boring classes,

trawling through enormous piles of literature, regurgitating facts and figures—I don’t know about you, but corporate compliance training to me is the absolute epitome of how fun left town. So, where did all the fun go? Maybe the same place as the information—according to EbbingHaus’s Forgetting Curve, only 21% of what is learned is retained after the completion of a training program. So it’s not only the case of the fun leaving town; so did the facts.

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Interview Series: Digital Experts & Thought Leaders

KNOLSKAPE_Dr. Jayan Sen_Infosys_Digital_Interview_Web_banner

Dr Jayan Sen is an Associate Vice President and Head Learning & Development at Infosys.

Dr. Jayan Sen has held global senior leadership roles in human resources, leadership development, talent and organization development across industries. He is an executive coach and has coached several CEOs (into CEO roles) and Boards of Fortune 500+ organizations.

Currently, with Infosys, his mandate is to envision, quantify and deliver learning strategy to help all employees globally learn the business, behavioral, leadership, sales skills and design thinking while leveraging this as a competitive advantage.

Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder-CEO, KNOLSKAPE interviewed him


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The Change Makers for an Organization’s Digital Transformation


The more I think, I realize that the Human Resource (HR) teams are going to be the most potent force for an organisation’s Digital Transformation. I recently chaired one of the most engaging HR workshops on “Clearing the Digital BLUR™.”

Quoting Gary Kasparov, the chess grandmaster “Do not fear intelligent machine” helped me to lessen all the speculation around automation taking over the minion jobs. After winning his first game with the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue; in the year 1997, Gary Kasparov lost the second game to the machine. The Grand Chess master attributed the machine’s win as the computer had access to past records and data. Gary Kasparov’s mindset to embrace an intelligent machine is truly an empowering story as the grand master mentions in one of his recent interviews “Deep Blue could look at 200 million positions per second, while I was limited to two or three, and yet we competed equally. The human brain is an unmatched analogy engine, finding the usage patterns to leverage our lifetime of experience to make decisions.”

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Clearing the Digital BLUR for Banking Industry by

clearing digital for banking industry

15 years later, today, we are living in the VUCA (Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity) world which would only grow. The contemporary whirlwind of digital disruptions has ambushed the banking industry to assess their digital capabilities almost on a daily basis. Banking has become fragmented with the new age nimble companies solving a particular banking issue, which makes it challenging for a large bank to compete with niche offerings from fintech.  Fintechs as being observed are disrupting the banking industry by taking and delivering niche banking components. To stay up-to-the-minute banks need to embrace Digital BLUR™. and be aware across its omnichannel models making it convenient for the organization, employees and the customer. Discussing Digital BLUR™ being

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Rajiv Jayaraman talks to CXOToday about Empowering the workforce for the Digital future

empowering workforce

In an exclusive interaction with CXOToday, Rajiv Jayaraman, CEO, KNOLSKAPE, shares his entrepreneurial journey, and unfolded several interesting features that the technologically advanced future holds for us. The pace at which we are digitizing and advancing in technology, it has become imperative for the business houses to empower their workforce. If we go by statistics, more than 52% of companies have disappeared from the global Fortune 500 list since the year 2000 mainly because of lagging behind in the digital race. Thus, there is an emphasis on the need of digitally empowered and skilled leadership to sustain and grow their businesses.

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