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From Classroom to Boardroom: Next Generation Training

The next generation of training is evident, as gamification in education is increasing in popularity. Schools are reporting positive learning outcomes from their students, as the participants are found to be more interested in the topic and spent more time focusing on the learning takeaways.

In 2013, gamified learning was built into a Swedish school’s curriculum after trials of success, Melissa Lobre, Vice President of Partners and Programs explains “There are some key elements to games like being challenged and having a leader board that kids really like and find engaging.”

Similarly to Lobre’s school, top tier professional organizations like Deloitte, Accenture and KPMG are adopting immersive gamification software for professional development training. Like students, employees of organizations are benefiting from user-friendly, engaging, as hands-on training.

To learn more about Lobre's school and how gamification benefited the students and teachers, click here.


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