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KNOLSKAPE Events 2021

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Building Digital Fluency in Organizations

Digital Transformation is no longer a nice-to-have. It is an existential imperative for organizations. In the wake of the pandemic, where virtual has fast become the only viable option, organizations implement their digital plans in an accelerated fashion. What was earlier an 18-month plan is now getting done in a couple of quarters. That's all good. Where's the catch? People readiness.

While it is easy enough to build and sign up for new tools, apps and platforms, people readiness, unfortunately, isn't keeping pace. In this panel discussion, we will find out from industry thought leaders what organizations are doing to build Digital fluency in their organizations.

Date: 29-July-2021

Time: 02:00 PM IST | 04:30 PM MYT

  1. Nathan SV: Partner and Chief Talent Officer,  Deloitte India
  2. Carmistha Mitra: Group CLO, Axis Bank.
  3. Amit Sharma: CHRO & Board Member, Volvo Group
  4. Dr Swatee Sarangi: Global Head - Learning, Leadership & OD, Dr Reddys Laboratories.
  5. Sainursalwa Sani: CHRO, SME Bank Malaysia
  6. Rajiv Jayaraman: Founder & CEO, Author of Clearing the Digital BLUR, KNOLSKAPE, Panel Moderator

Key Takeaways from the session : 

  • How do you define digital fluency in your organization?
  • How do you assess the digital readiness of your organization? Are there industry benchmarks that you use for assessing readiness?
  • There are different aspects of mastering digital -- technical, functional, leadership, culture, mindsets etc. How are you tackling this at various levels in the organization?
  • Can you talk about some critical challenges while building digital fluency at scale in a large organizational setup?
  • How do you make the new capabilities stick? How do you bring about a culture change at scale and that too in an accelerated fashion?

business acumen with knolskape

Developing Business Acumen with KNOLSKAPE

Business acumen is a crucial skill that allows leaders to understand their actions and the value they bring to the business. However, organizations struggle to develop the business acumen of their employees.

KNOLSKAPE has been helping companies build their business acumen skill set using one of our award-winning simulation called ‘Build Your Business’. RSVP today to experience this an instructor-led virtual session for 90-minutes.

Date: 08-July-2021 

Time: 11:30 am  - 01:00 pm IST | 02:00 pm  - 03:30 pm SGT

  1. Understand the importance of developing business acumen.
  2. Get a chance to play one of our award-winning simulations on business acumen.
  3. Get a personalized report post the simulation play.

Key Takeaways from the session : 

  • Identify different growth strategies.
  • Understand the drivers of profitability.
  • Apply strategic thinking and execution principles.