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Rajiv Jayaraman talks to DigitalCreed about the Digital BLUR™

There are ‘Digital Fault Lines’ in organizations. “They see a need for technology and a coding culture, but they are so consumed by their internal dynamics.
-Rajiv Jayaraman, CEO, and Founder, KNOLSKAPE.

One of India’s largest private sector banks is in a quandary. Its business is being threatened by a group of Fintech companies. But haven’t we heard that before? Let’s look deeper into this situation. Its management is fully aware of the importance of embracing digital transformation and the need to innovate – but they do not know ‘how’ to do this or where to start. Its employees are domain experts with years of experience in the banking industry – but they do not understand technology. And the management is hesitant to invest in training for mid-level managers (or below) — because it knows that they will be replaced by automation in a few years. It is a Catch-22 situation. Then they heard about Digital BLUR and experiential learning.

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