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How Gamification Benefits Managers and Recharges Employees

"Don’t let the word put you off: gamification is a serious business." 

In an article by Forbes, it's clear that gamification benefits managers and is growing in popularity among top-tier businesses as a training tool to engage and motivate employees. In 2013, T-Mobile utilized gamification to strengthen the learning process of training material and saw a 31% improvement in customer service scores.

Top-tier companies like Ford saw the benefits of gamification early on. As one of the first firms to utilize gamification to improve employee training, the L&D team at Ford believed in the theory and recognized the impact.

How does gamification work? 

Gamification capitalizes on human's natural reward system by reinforcing behavior through points systems, leadership boards, and etc. It first starts off with providing external motivators and then moves to create an inner commitment. The goal to compete and win ultimately translates to strengthened learning.

Five basic rules to make your gamification stand out include:

1. Track progress

2. Recognize achievements

3. Use challenges and competition

4. Create social connection

5. Create a story

To read more on how gamification benefits managers, read the full article here.

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