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Gamification Gurus: Gabe Zichermann

Gabe Zichermann has been in the games industry for over 15 years.

His goal has always been to develop and foster games that could do more than just entertain. While on this quest, he managed to become the chair of GSummit (a conference where top gamification experts gather to share knowledge and industry insights), write "The Gamification Revolution", "Gamification by Design" and "Game Based Marketing", and become a well known figure in the industry.

His books and knowledge are considered some of today's most important reference materials on gamification, and his  passion for the field continues to inspire others to pursue innovation in this fascinating and booming field.

Without a doubt, Zichermann is someone to follow when it comes to gamification.

Here are some of Zichermann's opinions on the field:

Why so many people are interested in gamification (and why you should be too)

People today tend to have shorter attention spans and are prone to distractions. They are also less and less engaged at work (as evidenced by numerous recent survey statistics and research studies). We are in desperate need for a change to revitalize employee engagement, and gamification can provide a tool to enhance engagement in a fun and effective way.

The secret towards developing effective gamification programs

Gamification holds its power in the way it can provide motivation towards behaviour change. In order to leverage this potential of a game-based learning environment, one must focus on figuring out what drives user behaviour and thus tailor the challenges and rewards to that innate desire. It is common for systems to consider only organizational goals rather than employee goals and motivations. By creating more alignment between organization and employee needs, we can get better behavioural results.

The downside of gamification

An over-emphasis on "gaming" can be detrimental to any gamification initiative. Too much game elements can reduce credibility and be a distraction rather than a facilitator. Good gamification doesn't rely solely on game tropes, but rather on the idea of using the power of games to meaningfully change behaviour.

To read the full interview by Fiduciary News, click here.

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