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How Gamification is Like a Spoonful of Sugar

There are two things that although essential to a company's success, are not particularly popular amongst employees: training and development and social media sharing. 

Having to take time off from work to attend training sessions (some of which tend to seem pointless and redundant) is not always on an employee's list of favourite things to do.

Similarly, employees rarely enjoy sharing organizational social media posts (on some of the cool stuff going on in your company) on their personal pages a difficult task to achieve. No matter how many reminders or suggestions you send them, they rarely do it.

If Social Media and Training and Development are that bad-tasting medicine your mother used to always give you, then Gamification is the spoonful sugar that will help it all go down.

Gamification can help boost the effectiveness and the palatability of both of these aspects within an organization. It uses play, challenges, competition and incentives to encourage employees and participants into doing things the might not be so keen on.

The term "Learnification" encapsulates the potential of this partnership. It means using Gamification techniques for purposes of training or employee on-boarding. The use of these game mechanics promotes learning, review of materials and encourages a sense of completion.

Gamification has thus moved from being a novelty to becoming a powerful and persistent tool that can enhance any team and any organization. Give gamification a try, it might just be what you need to take your business to the next level.

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