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Gamification and Morality in the Workplace

It is of ultimate importance for employees to experience situations that test their ethical boundaries. It is only this way that they (and their employees) will find out where their moral compass lies.

It is important to ensure all employees are on the same "moral page" and are able to react to situations in a similar way to promote efficiency and harmony within an organization.

Currently, several organizations, such as Google, use training programs and workshops that recreate environments and morally challenging situations. Click here to learn about Corageous Leadership, used by Google. These types of workshops test employees’ moral boundaries and enforce adequate behaviour and morality.

However, although these workshops can provide important learning experiences, the information learned usually does not stick to an employee’s long term moral compass. Unless they are constantly facing these situations, they will continue to give varied responses to morally-challenging situations.

Gamification helps solve this lack of continuity, and can foster sustainable moral change. By applying game mechanics, employees’ natural desire for competition is met, while also promoting a feeling of enjoyment. The pleasure responses associated with the game are one of the most effective methods to shift behaviours and engrain specific ethical responses.

Click here to read more about the use of Gamification to reinforce moral responses and behaviour within companies.


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