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Harnessing Gamification’s Magnetic Potential

The term gamification is still very young and widely misunderstood. Most people tend to immediately associate it with gaming, and might dismiss it as inadequate for their organizational purposes.

It is important for this misunderstanding to be corrected, and for organizations to understand how powerful gamification can be as a business tool in any industry, acting as a powerful magnet and attract the best talent in the industry.

The possibilities of including gamification in Human Resource departments are especially note-worthy. This is an area within organizations that can widely benefit from the multiple features of gamification or experiential learning.

Here are five reasons and ways in which gamification is such a strong recruitment and retention tool:

1) Gamification is not new. It has been used by big organizations before and has worked, very well.

2)It provides a more memorable user experience, as opposed to other on-boarding strategies. Using gamification, a new employee can fully immerse him/herself into an organization using engaging and

3) Gamification helps reach wider audiences, as it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Users have the ability to share their experience with others, thus providing an unique vitality to the term.

4)It improves relationships between employees and within the organization, as it promotes a sense of wellbeing and engagement.

5) It provides an extra filter, as it can be personalized to provide very sophisticated assessment tools that can analyze data and measure employee capabilities.

Read the full article here to learn more about how HR departments can benefit from investing in gamification for recruitment efforts.


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