Is your psychometric assessment tool giving you the right information?

Organizations use psychometric tools to assess the suitability of an individual for a role in the hopes of finding the best fit. Traditional tools identify personality traits, workplace preferences and interests in silos. The modern learner, however, is a dynamic being who can adapt to various scenarios.

With the Workplace Personality Inventory, accurately predict how an employee is going to perform on the job against solid performance criteria that discern high, medium and low performers within your organization.

Single Assessment tool with multiple reports

The Harrison Assessment tool provides easy accessibility with comprehensive reports – a single questionnaire administered to candidates can generate 20-21 different types of analysis reports across different use cases such as recruitment, development, success planning, etc.

175 Traits

Measures all factors that determine workplace success – Personality, Interest, Task Preferences, Work Environment Preference, Work Values, Counter-productive traits.

Paradox Technology™

Each trait has the potential to be either productive or counter-productive, depending upon other balancing traits. Distinguishes genuine strengths from strong traits by pairing that are paradoxical. When both traits are strong, there is a unique strength. When only one is strong, it becomes a potential derailer.

Test Authentication

Quantifiable, strong, multi-layered, lie-detection technology that handles deception better than any other assessment questionnaire in the industry.

Smart Questionnaires™

Advanced cross-referencing technologies make over 8,000 comparisons providing the equivalent of information from 2,700 MCQs in less than 30 minutes. Produces 20 times more useful data than traditional questionnaires. Ranking avoids problems with exaggerated answers. This is culturally neutral.

Job Success Formulae

6500+ validated job profiles across industries that can be leveraged to reflect your organizational DNA.

Want to know how KNOLSKAPE can help you accelerate employee capability

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