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[Hongkong] – A half-day Digital BLUR™ Framework and Simulation-based Gamified session

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Here’s your chance to learn how KNOLSKAPE is helping organizations cope with this digital era and to see what the buzz about simulations is.

Clearing the Digital BLUR™

As you know, the Digital Age is upon us and disrupting business across industries. Rajiv Jayaraman, CEO and founder of KNOLSKAPE, will share his thoughts on surviving and thriving in this digital age. He will explain how traditional lines that define business are blurring away, and how organizations and individuals can navigate this disruption.

This interactive and thought-provoking talk was recently described as “terrifyingly interesting” and we are sure we won’t disappoint!

Simulation Workshop

KNOLSKAPE is pleased to invite you to a half-day workshop, where you will be introduced to “iLead”, one of our award-winning gamified simulations, focused on Contextual Leadership.

You will experience this immersive learning tool first hand, getting a feel for what simulations are all about, and how they are a powerful instrument to complement your learning journeys. That’s not all! We expect to generate some thought starters for you on your own leadership styles and behaviors!



The session will start at 2:00 PM and will wrap up at 5.15 PM HKT Please bring your laptops, with either Mozilla, Chrome or IE 11 loaded, so you can play the simulation. We hope you can stay on for informal networking and snacks until 6.00.

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