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How to Manage IT Risks

In an era where online security is a constant risk to an organization, effective IT management is crucial. Without proper IT management, a company will be impacted Trojans, Spyware, Worms, Pharming, and Botnets.

Here are five tips to protecting an organization from IT risks:

1. Understand the risk

2. Treat IT risk management as a business investment

3. Reevaluate risks regularly

4. Use the right controls, and make them secure

5. Compliance isn't the same as security

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Companies interested in training their employees on IT Risk Management, choose IT Risk Pro.

IT Risk Pro simulation puts the learner in the shoes of a CIO and introduces various scenarios, ranging from disasters in operational aspects of IT to major strategic misalignement with the business. The learner is evaluated based on how well he.she responds to the events that unfold.

Through the use of IT Risk Pro, the participant learns how to :

1) Prioritize risks.
2) Appreciate the need to get senior management buy-in for IT risk management.
3) Develop the ability to look at the IT function in a holistic light by wearing both the strategic as well as the tactical hats


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