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How to Train Millennials

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According to Malcolm Gladwell, author of “Outliers”, individuals need to practice for 10,000 hours before becoming experts in something. With that logic, millennials are already experts in the gaming process, as globally renown game designer Jane McGonigal estimates that by the age of 21, the average millennial has spent 10,000 hours gaming. This means that the millennial generation is receptive to gamification-style learning. So to train millennials, you need implement games, leadership boards, and point systems.

According to TechForge, organizations should seek three attributes from a gamification platform:

  1. Data Insight: Analytics from gamification software offer rich information about the user’s behavior patterns.
  2. Clear Objective: The game should be solving a problem that the organization is facing, whether it’s in the present or the future.
  3. Growth: The user must recognize that he/she is improving in the game. The purpose of gamifying learning is so the user is able to be immersed in the experience and make mistakes along the way.

To learn more about gamification, how it’s designed, and what to look for in a game, click here.


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