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GIC Talent Transformation Insights 2019

Solve these 8 crucial talent development challenges to transform into a valuable innovation and growth centre.

The business landscape is changing. So are business models. Large enterprises with Global In-house Centres are facing additional challenges in

Here are some truths:

  • GICs are quickly losing their cost advantage, making parent organizations re-evaluate their purpose
  • GICs are uniquely poised to become innovation centres for the parent organization and support market expansion
  • Progressing across the maturity curve to appropriate support business requires a mindset shift from static to strategic
  • GICs need to boost investment in learning and development to accelerate the shift

Several large GICs are a part of KNOLSKAPE’s client roster. In our conversations with them, we hear 8 talent development challenges that most of our GIC clients share.

The KNOLSKAPE GIC Insights 2019 highlights these 8 challenges as well as our solutions that have helped our GIC clients overcome them.

Uncover these challenges and overcome them today!

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