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Key For Effective Learning Games: Blend Virtual with Reality

What is the secret to creating the most effective gamification learning platform?

Recent research from Carnegie Mellon University found that the key is to combin elements of both the real and the virtual world.

Experiments carried out in the study found that young students learned five times more using mixed-reality games, which incorporated physical observation and interactive feedback (rather than simply observing).

Ken Koedinger, a researcher and professor at the university mentioned that more research needs to be done on the importance of mixed reality games, especially for older students. However, the research proved that mixed-reality games can increase engagement and provide deeper learning experiences by enabling a fun educational environment.

Koedinger added that gamification has the potential to significantly boost understanding and make learning rewarding for older students.

Click here to read more about the recent Carnegie Mellon Studies on the importance of mixed-reality games and gamification.

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