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KNOLSKAPE – An Experiential Learning (or Un-learning) Company

There is a folklore about elephants and their mahouts in Kerala, a southern state in India.

In order to curb the free-roaming instinct of elephants, the mahouts tether a baby elephant to a strong tree with a chain. The baby elephant tries with all its might to free itself from the shackles. But it is not yet strong enough to liberate itself. With all its efforts to break the chain going in vain, the elephant gives up its quest for freedom and stops struggling.

The most amazing part of the story is that the lesson learnt by the baby elephant is etched so deeply in its psyche that even when it grows up to be one of the strongest animals on the planet, it doesn’t try to test its might against the chain. Even when it is tied with a tiny rope to a weak tree, the elephant doesn’t break free. The mighty elephant limits its capabilities because of the lessons of the past.

Many of us, like the elephant, succumb to the lessons of the past. Learning new paradigms is only one side of the equation for today’s managers to cope with the onslaught of rapid changes in the business environment. The other essential side is unlearning the old paradigms. Walking around with remnants of concepts, ideas and habits that belong to an older paradigm is a sure-fire recipe to poor performance.

At KNOLSKAPE, we believe that unlearning lessons from old paradigms is the foundation for future growth.
By using experiential learning training tools, we help you not just with learning new frontiers of management, we also help you unlearn outdated concepts, ideas and habits.

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