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KNOLSKAPE features in top 30 enterprise start-ups in the country

In this technology oriented world where we see a new start-up every other day with a motto of changing the world, it is safe to say that the way we use resources around us in our day to day life is changing tremendously. YourStory recently published a list in which they included top 30 enterprise start-ups in the country.

“The products and services by these companies have not only made our life easier, but also amazed the world with the kind of work they are doing. KNOLSKAPE has grown to build competency in immersive gamification and simulation software focusing on talent transformation,” says Zubin Mehta, from YourStory.


“KNOLSKAPE feels proud to be a part of top 30 enterprise start-up’s in India in a list recently released by Yourstory. It’s great to be a part of one of them,” said Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder and CEO, KNOLSKAPE.


KNOLSKAPE is an award winning immersive gamification and simulation Learning Company focusing on talent transformation. Using experiential learning products, we help organizations attract, grow and retain talent. Global Fortune 500 companies and Top-10 B-schools use KNOLSKAPE’s products and solutions for on-boarding, training, assessments and talent engagement. From leadership and development, sales and marketing to technological development, etc. we offer a large number of products that have been continuously helping the organizations all around the globe in numerous ways.
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