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Knolskape launches Centre of Expertise to bring cutting-edge insights to HR fraternity and businesses



KNOLSKAPE, an end-to-end learning and assessment platform for accelerated employee development, is pleased to announce the launch of its ‘Centre of Expertise’ (CoE)

The CoE aims to undertake original, region-specific and global research spanning topics at the intersection of digital technology, learning, leadership and organizational culture. The foundation of the CoE is KNOLSKAPE’s decade-long experience and expertise in solving business, HR, L&D, and learner challenges for over 300 clients spanning across 22 countries.

Spearheaded by Subramanian S. Kalpathi, Sr. Director at KNOLSKAPE and author of ‘The Millennials: Exploring the World of the Largest Living Generation’, the CoE will focus on producing leading-edge insights on high impact areas for business, talent and HR communities, by way of both primary and secondary research. According to Subramanian, “We believe that by collaborating with stakeholders in the talent fraternity, and by building on the expertise that we at KNOLSKAPE continue to develop as we grow, we can truly generate insights that are strategic, timely and relevant, helping shape talent strategies for our clients.”

Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder and CEO of KNOLSKAPE, added: “From our interactions with industry leaders, partnerships with our clients, and internal best practices, we gain vast amounts of incredible insights. With the CoE, we hope to be at the forefront of applied research, and help organizations address their biggest challenges with respect to technology, talent strategy, leadership and culture.”

Source: BWPeople Business World

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