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KNOLSKAPE proud to be a part of Training and Development Asia 2018 – Malaysia

Human Resources Training and Development Asia 2018 - Malaysia

KNOLSKAPE is proud to be a part of Training and Development Asia 2018 - Malaysia

Visit us at our Booth and experience our end-to-end learning and assessment platform for “accelerated employee development"

More than 300 clients in 20 countries have benefited from KNOLSKAPE's award-winning experiential solutions. Using artificial intelligence, business simulations, gamification, machines learning, mobile, videos and virtual reality, KNOLSKAPE delivers transformative experiences for the modern learner and the modern workplace.

About the event

Training and Development Asia 2018 - Malaysia, is an intense two-day conference that bridges the gap between the industrial change makers and the HR profession through transformational knowledge-sharing and implementation of cutting-edge strategies and programmes.

It is an opportunity to access industrial groundbreakers’ success stories in building a high performing organizational capability by attending this conference. Additionally, you can wrap your head around the complexities of talent development and break the code to empowering your employees with a business goal in mind.


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