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KNOLSKAPE Wins Gold at Brandon Hall Awards

KNOLSKAPE, a leader in innovative talent transformation using experiential learning and gamification won the coveted Brandon Hall Group gold award for excellence in the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology – Experiential Learning Solutions category. The Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards Program is the most prestigious awards programin the industry.  Often times called the “Academy Awards” by Learning, Talent and Business Executives, the program was one of the first of its kind in the learning industry, which was pioneered in 1994. The awards program attracts entrants from leading corporations around the world, as well as mid-market and smaller firms, and KNOLSKAPE is delighted to have won this award. The winners are listed at

Here is what our application looked like:

Product or Program Overview

AktivCase helps companies recruit and assess managers with the help of solving rich multimedia case studies online, conducting role plays and analyzing video solutions.
AktivCase comes packed with case studies that are current and hand-picked to suit the customer’s competency requirements, and a plethora of ‘thinking’ tools that are visually eons ahead of PowerPoint presentations.
Candidates can solve and submit case studies without having to travel to the interview location - saving and time and money for both recruiters and the candidates. What’s more, the platform has an in-built video recording engine that helps recruiters observe body language and confidence levels among other nuances to assess their candidates for the role.

Value Proposition

Client organizations are using AktivCase for learning and assessments through the case study pedagogy that was made widely popular by Harvard in the 1920s.
The key differentiator for AktivCase is the ability to solve these case studies online and with the help of pre-defined tools and frameworks that are laid out making it easy to obtain information about them and also helping the learner apply concepts.

For example, a learning intervention at a retail giant uncovered that their biggest weakness and threat was the inability to innovate – since the platform derives behavioral insights, it is bound to be far closer to the truth.

An eCommerce player is using AktivCase to recruit potential managers from top institutes using a case study that has been written specifically for this purpose. This process is scalable, reduces costs and helps candidates to quickly solve cases without creating slides – the focus is more on the content rather than animations and slide beautification.

Product or Program Innovation

Following are some suggested examples of areas of innovation:

• Simplicity of your technology
• Advanced functionality
• Flexibility, customization, and integration
• Pricing model
• Client service approach
• Development methods
• Market positioning and approach

We started with building up a solution to a simple problem of taking case study analysis online. We primarily faced three issues while developing the platform.

Firstly, we needed a platform that will help participants visualize their analysis in an easy manner and we didn’t want them to come up with boring Powerpoint presentations or Word documents. We conceptualized a template where new management frameworks could be added by Administrators on-the-fly. Innovation diffusion curve, Porter's Five Forces, BMT, AIDA are few of the 50 or so tools currently supported by the platform. What took 30mins to an hour previously to create could be done in a matter of a few clicks for the Administrator - and for the participant - he/she could focus on the primary objective of solving the case analysis without having to deviate and build the tool themselves.

Second, while the platform was designed to solve case studies using various tools, skills such as oral communication and professionalism could not be assessed in frameworks. We required a seamless integration of a video-based assessment engine where users could upload their video solutions using the frameworks online and administrators, while watching the solutions, could grade them on different competencies.

Finally, with all these features continuously being added to the platform, we had the difficult task of maintaining its simplicity and intuitiveness. Unlike our other learning products where most of the times we have a facilitator to solve queries, AktivCase had to be self-independent. It required constant user experience intervention and a highly intuitive and a reliable interface in order to cater to its complex use cases. That remains an everlasting challenge and an opportunity for us.

Unique Differentiators

The platform is accessible across different devices making the entire process truly seamless. Furthermore, AktivCase integrates with different learning management platforms making it easy for recruiters and L&D professionals to quickly launch their initiatives within their firms.
AktivCase has stronger artillery with its breadth of rich multimedia case studies, stronger social connect with other peers solving case studies and the use of management frameworks to solve them. AktivCase supports roleplays too. Clients can provide challenges for which potential candidates answer with roleplays and get eventually assessed on their performance.

Measurable Results

In eCommerce, the cost reduction was almost 64.8% over the traditional method of traveling to the institute and administering the case study evaluation.
In the financial services industry, clients have been able to administer case study learning across 8 locations within India.

In the technology consulting industry, over 1022 managers have used the platform for continuous learning and have made use of the tools and frameworks for applying it to their day-to-day role. The platform is being rolled out to more than 4,000 managers in the next year. Further, managers have used AktivCase to analyze strengths and weaknesses in their firm to be highlighted to their top management and have derived learnings from each other than being facilitator-led.

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