Capabilities assessed by KOGNITIX

Cognitive ability assessments are extremely predictive of job performance. But why go through the grind of test-taking fear and anxiety?  KNOLSKAPE presents KOGNITIX, a game-based tool to assess cognitive abilities

Working Memory

A high working memory capacity allows a person to represent, maintain, hypothesize and analyze a problem accurately and in a broader sense.


Risk-taking is imperative to long-term growth, at a personal or organizational level. Being adaptable and willing to try new things, even at risk of failure, is crucial for professional success.


Attention is a fundamental cognitive function for the development of daily situations comprising focus, awareness, planning and decision making, therefore used in a majority of daily tasks.

Response Inhibition

Response Inhibition refers to the ability to inhibit one’s automatic responses to distractions or emotive triggers responsible for avoiding individuals from jumping to conclusions, overreacting, giving in to impulses and self-regulation of emotional reactions.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Identifying real-world problems and devising innovative solutions for the same requires strong Problem Solving and Decision-Making skills in the corporate world.

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