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[Malaysia] – A half-day Digital BLUR™ Framework and Simulation-based Gamified session


We are pleased to invite you to experience a simulation-driven contextual leadership skills workshop. I can promise you that will be one of the finest experiences in learning you’ve had.

To succeed in today’s VUCA world, it has become imperative that managers are able to flex their leadership style. Simulations provide for the right learning approach by offering true to life situations that mirror a corporate scenario.

iLead, one of our award-winning gamified simulations is an innovative software simulation that helps business leaders hone their leadership styles in a safe environment. iLead is a real-life-like simulation where the Leader must produce extra-ordinary results by energizing and inspiring the team. In order to be successful, the Leader is expected to use a variety of Leadership styles in response to tough situations that emerge in the Simulation.

You will experience this immersive learning tool first hand, getting a feel for what simulations are all about, and how they are a powerful instrument to complement your assessment and development plan. That’s not all! We expect to generate some thought starters for you on your own leadership styles and behaviors!

Please bring your laptop. Make sure you have a Mozilla, Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 browser, so you can play the simulation. We will provide you with the wi-fi connection.

Seating is limited, so please do confirm your attendance by e-mail. For any inquiries, you can contact Siti Normah on 016 366 9496.

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