Accelerating People Development for the Digital Age

Our uniqueness lies in the ability to blend the traditional with the new, the accepted with the emerging - high contextualization, powered by  modern experiential technologies and digital platforms, with insight driven talent analytics, delivered through blended multi-channels for accelerated learning.


Modern workplace needs have changed dramatically, creating the need for more effective approaches to accelerated talent development. Recognizing this, KNOLSKAPE has developed a unique approach that enables organizations to stay relevant, connect & engage with employees, and execute their business strategy.



Real-time, actionable feedback for learners, and learning trends and insights for L&D teams through integrated assessment and learning analytics.


Blended Omni-Channel Delivery

Immersive learning with high engagement through a customized mix of classroom, mobile, virtual videos, and self-paced learning.


Context Foundation

High context solutions delivered based on a thorough understanding of the business, people, unique situation and learning needs.


Digital Platforms

Simplified delivery and high engagement through a single, fully integrated web + mobile gamified learning platform that hosts all content, solutions and analytics.


Immersive, experiential learning that leverages Artificial Intelligence, Gamification, Simulations, and Virtual Reality to deliver high impact, transformational learning.


KNOLSKAPE analytics-driven learning solutions provide three-fold competitive advantage to organizations investing in employee development.


Real-time, personalized, performance based actionable insights.


Engagement data, learning trends and deep cognitive insights for L&D Teams.

Insights for HR and Business about talent capabilities to prepare for new business opportunities.


Our solutions can be delivered through a combination of one or more channels for effectiveness, accelerated learning and engagement.



Facilitator-led, in-person mode allowing for hi-touch learning, engagement, and coaching.


Learner-led anytime-anywhere access to world-class content.


Mobile-driven bite sized modules facilitating just-in-time learning and reinforcement.



Facilitator-led virtual mode of learning allowing for learning and engagement at scale.


Our in-depth understanding of your industry, people, situation and learning needs is what makes our solution unique to your business requirements.

Our subject matter experts work with your key stakeholders to design solutions that are directly aligned to business and learning outcomes.


We align business requirements with individual learner needs to deliver effective solutions that accelerate learning.


Our cloud-based, fully integrated web + mobile gamified learning platform not only automates and streamlines the entire learning journey, but also helps create deep engagement among learners.


Content Flexibility

Wide variety of content and assignments that cater to different learning methods.


Secure SaaS platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure. Meets necessary integration standards.


Tech platform with automation capabilities helps deliver programs at scale.


Dramatically reduces manual effort in coordination and monitoring.


To experience is to learn. Our solutions at KNOLSKAPE leverage the new-age tools like Artificial Intelligence, Gamification, Simulations and Virtual Reality to deliver high impact, transformational learning.


Artificial Intelligence

KNOLSKAPE AI-based learning technologies provides contextual learning experiences through the enablement of tone analysis and textual feedback.

Virtual Reality

Our Virtual and augmented reality technologies provide high-level visual fidelity and learning immersion that make complex or mundane learning events enriching.



KNOLSKAPE business simulations put leaners in specific business contexts to fulfil specific objectives in a safe learning environment. Equipped with gamification mechanics, simulations ensure social and peer-based learning.


All our learning solutions come with gamification capabilities, ranging from basic point-based systems to complex social interaction mechanics. Be rest assured of high engagement levels!


Chunking is the concept behind Mobile learning. The process of chunking helps a learner to not only learn more, but, also recall better as bite-sized information is fed at regular intervals. Thus, Bite-sized learning is a crux of our mobile solutions.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to learn without being overly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can change when exposed to previous instructions.


Success stories

“We’re growing exponentially and there is a need to accelerate the development of our leadership. After a thorough consideration of different vendors in the learning space, we selected KNOLSKAPE as our leadership development partner. Being a modern workplace learning company, we feel that KNOLSKAPE is unique in their ability to provide a new-age approach to accelerated and deeply engaging leadership development.”

CHRO, Dr. Lal PathLabs