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A Million Words to Explain: What does KNOLSKAPE do?

So what does KNOLSKAPE do? It is said that while a picture is worth a thousand words, a short video is worth more than a million words! At KNOLSKAPE, one common sight is to find knollies explaining the concept of experiential learning to the world. We thought this video will help all of them. Here is the story behind the frames.

We realised that our video needed to highlight what we do and also be engaging and based on real life scenarios.

On that note, our design team (Vamsee and Vinay) supported by Madan from the content team embarked on creating the video. While Rajiv created the story board, Nikita provided the voiceover.

“I prefer content to be minimum, and let the design explain the concept. So, we worked hard on creating a storyboard which will support this philosophy. The animation helped to showcase the content in an elegant manner.” said Vamsee.

“We wanted to convey a sense of play, as this is what we at KNOLSKAPE do, which is taking a serious issue such as learning and imparting engagement and fun into the learning process. So we used animation and appropriate characters, and added game elements like joypads, medals etc,” added Vinay.

At Knolskape, we take great pride in our attention to detail and the video was treated like just another product of ours. Over 20 hours of dedicated effort went into the production.

“As an experiential learning company, we have to ensure that our content reaches our audience in the most effective way. The same applies to our video as well. Vamsee and I ideated together to make sure that the essence of our organisation is reflected. I believe that this has made the video more impactful,” said Madan.

At KNOLSKAPE it’s a rule that we have fun no matter what we do, so yes we did have a lot of fun. Also, the design team and I had a competition on who makes a better video, and I am happy that I lost. We look forward to more excellent videos from them,” added Rajiv

Watch the video on Youtube:


Rajiv Jayaraman – Founder & CEO
Vamsee Kalangi – Design Engineer
Vinay Chilukuri – User Experience Design Specialist
Madan Panathula – Senior Learning Consultant
Nikita Madhusudan – Marketing and Communications Coordinator

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