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Assessments H

Is your psychometric assessment tool giving you the right information?

Organizations use psychometric tools to assess the suitability of an individual for a role in the hopes of finding the best fit. Traditional tools identify personality traits, workplace preferences and interests in silos. The modern learner, however, is a dynamic being who can adapt to various scenarios.

With the Workplace Personality Inventory, accurately predict how an employee is going to perform on the job against solid performance criteria that discern high, medium and low performers within your organization.


175 Traits

Measures all factors that determine workplace success – Personality, Interest, Task Preferences, Work Environment Preference, Work Values, Counter-productive traits.

Paradox Technology™

Each trait has the potential to be either productive or counter-productive, depending upon other balancing traits.

build your business

Test Authentication

Quantifiable, strong, multi-layered, lie-detection technology that handles deception better than any other assessment questionnaire in the industry.

Smart Questionnaires™

Advanced cross-referencing technologies make over 8,000 comparisons providing the equivalent of information from 2,700 MCQs in less than 30 minutes.

Trust simulations
Inbox simulations

Job Success Formulae

6500+ validated job profiles across industries that can be leveraged to reflect your organizational DNA.

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Leadership development


iLead is an innovative software simulation that helps business leaders hone their leadership styles. To successfully complete the simulation, learners are expected to use a variety of leadership styles in response to touch scenarios and produce extraordinary results by energizing and inspiring the team.

change management


ChangeQuest is a dynamic, true-to-life simulation that helps learners understand the strategic and tactical aspects of change management. In the simulation, learners are required to introduce a massive transformational change in the organization.

build your business


Build-your-business is based on the concept of entrepreneurship. In this simulation, learners assume the role of the head of an organization, responsible for taking strategic decisions regarding pricing, production, quality, advertising, employee morale to ensure increase market share and profits.

Trust simulations


Trust is designed to help those in client facing roles improve their client centricity capabilities. Within the simulation, learners are required to understand and implement various social styles in order to win clients and outperform competitors.

Inbox simulations


Inbox helps learners develop prioritization, time management and delegation capabilities. Within the simulation, learners are exposed to a series of tasks which they are expected to complete within an allotted time period, either by executing or delegating.

Coaching simulations


The Coaching sim is designed to help managers master the nuances of managing emotions and motivating their teams. Within the simulation, learners understand and apply the essentials of coaching in a safe learning environment.

Sales simulations


SalesQuest is designed to help organizations standardize their sales processes for uniform and predictable outcomes. Within the simulation, learners assume the role of a sales executive tasked with selling a B2B solution to individual customers, going through each stage of the stage process and ultimately converting leads into revenue.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix

Grand Prix traverses through the journey of a project manager who is required to take key project decisions to get things done on time and within the allocated resources.

Business simulations whitepaper

WHITE PAPER: How simulations enable deep and impactful learning

Find out the challenges associated with traditional learning, and how behavioral simulations help accelerate competency development with deep behavioral impacts on adult learners.

Want to know how KNOLSKAPE can help you accelerate employee capability