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How Outsourcing Learning and Development will Advance Your Organization

Twenty years ago, the concept of outsourcing professional development (PD) training was unheard of. Now, companies are actively researching to connect their staff with external PD resources and events.

The Movement Towards Outsourcing Training

One component that contributed to the increased popularity of outsourcing training is the growing demand in best practices.

Although best practices are openly shared more than ever, organizations are still allocating a great deal of their budget towards learning and development programs for their staff. From a macroeconomic standpoint, different organizations investing in the same practice is wasteful, which is why companies have risen to focus on helping organizations thrive. Companies like Deloitte, KPMG, and Accenture have increased the quality of training for their staff and saved resources by outsourcing their training.

The Popularity of eLearning or “eTraining”

As new companies enter the market, consumers grow more empowered by choice. In response to this natural occurrence, industry leaders in the L&D space are pressured to find the most up-to-date PD for their staff.

Finding P&D opportunities for staff members when they are constantly on-the-go is a challenge, which is why eLearning or eTraining has grown in popularity. Organizations stay ahead of the curve by adopting eLearning as a compliment to their on-the-job training. Training over the cloud (eLearning) is accessible anywhere at any time with wireless internet, so staff members are able to learn at their own pace at their own time.

With eLearning, trainees are able to learn different subjects, engage with immersive material, and gain insight to their personal analytics. Since human capital is a critical element to organizational success, it is important that staff receive immersive and engaging material that enhance their skills, develop their leadership capabilities, and enrich their professional growth.


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