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Pairing Gamification with Mobile Learning

Gamification has been an increasingly relevant topic over the past decade. With estimates from Gartner of a $5.5 million dollar market, and evidence that by 2014, over 70% of the most important 2000 companies are using gamification in their organizations, it is difficult to avoid being drawn to this fascinating growing field.

Now, what will be the next step for gamification?

Pairing it up with M-Learning.

Mobile learning is available across several contexts with the use of mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices. Its key advantage is in its widespread accessibility.

Pairing gamification with Mobile Learning can provide an enhanced learning experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by almost anyone. Now, that is a dynamic duo.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when pairing gamification and mobile learning to make an effective learning experience:

1) Make sure you are only teaching one or two objectives

When developing games or learning experiences for mobile phones, it is important to only focus on one objective and keep the game design simple while ensuring it is still purposeful.

2) Select a secure mobile delivery system.

It is imperative to keep all confidential information safe, the platform chosen should be fully leak-proof.

3) Create a game that is scenario-based

The game should focus on developing the actions that the learner will have to perform in real life.

4) Make your game social

Include features to the game that can make full use of the social features on a mobile phone. This allows for interaction between participants and fosters competition. This way, users can feel more motivated to

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