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Practicing Mindfulness At Work by Aadesh Goyal, CHRO, Tata Communications


Practicing Mindfulness At Work

We think a million thoughts a day but do we know what our next thought is going to be? We don't. We seem to be powerless in controlling what appears in our minds. Yet, these thoughts in our minds play an integral role in the way we view ourselves and the world around us.

Mindfulness is increasingly becoming relevant for employees in the corporate world. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (1999), about one-third of workers experience high levels of stress. Work stress has been identified as a major cause of employee turnover and burnout and has been linked to many physical and psychological complaints, including headaches, higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, and increased health insurance claims (Schnall, Dobson, & Rosskam, 2009)In an increasingly turbulent world where external stimuli are creating enormous stress in us, mindfulness practices can come in handy to help us stay healthy, resilient and happy. In this upcoming webinar, Adesh Goyal, CHRO of Tata Communications Ltd. and Rajiv Jayaraman, CEO of KNOLSKAPE bring to sharp focus the need for leaders and employees to practice mindfulness in the workplace.

aadesh goyal

Aadesh Goyal, CHRO,
Tata Communications Ltd

Aadesh is a global business leader with experience in Human Resources, Software Engineering, Operations, P&L Management, Information Technology, Corporate  Communication, Program Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility. He has performed global roles spread over 5 continents.

His contributions have won wide recognition: In 1991-92, he received the ‘Great Contribution Award’ from the Union Minister of Communications for a contribution towards the success of the C-DOT Mission; he was featured on the cover of Business Today magazine in 1999; he received the Top 5-CIO Award by the CIO Magazine in 2001 for being the best in Innovative use of Information Technology for Human Resource Development; he was featured on the cover of CIO magazine in 2001; he was awarded and recognized as the Best CHRO in India by National HRD Network in 2002; he was chosen by HSS employees for various awards.

Aadesh lives in Delhi with his wife. His children live and work in the US.

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