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Rajiv Jayaraman decodes the Digital BLUR™ in an interview with

ETCIO Interview with Rajiv Jayaraman


In an interview with ETCIO.COM, Rajiv Jayaraman, CEO, and Founder of Knolskape discusses the attributes of a digital enterprise.

Tell me how Knolskape got started and what you’ve set out to do for customers.

Knolskape was founded in the year 2008. For the first few years, we were focused on the academic market to make classrooms more experiential using simulations, games, and hands-on learning tools. Initially, it was all about working with the top 10- 15 B schools across the world like MIT, INSEAD, Kellogg School of Management, ISB in India, so on and so forth. While doing this we built a lot of products that would make learning process more fun, value-based and experiential. People would then refer to those experiences and apply the experiential learning back in the job. So we understood the art and science of making learning more effective by using the experiential software.

Along the journey, we realized that organizations needed help in dealing with diversity in their workforce. They were scouting for effective ways to assess, engage and develop talent in a new age digital format. That was the main ask. So having worked with a lot of B-schools across the world, we understood the art and science of building leaders and managers across different levels within the organization and using our software tools we were able to help organizations across the entire spectrum of talent management- onboarding, assessment, talent engagement, and development.

Today, we work with 300+ large organizations across 22 countries. We have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, India, and USA. Primarily, there are three areas we are focused on – assessment, development, and talent engagement. Technology is at the heart of what we do because we use simulations, AI, mobile, to accelerate employee development. We help build leaders across the different levels within the organization by using behavioral science simulation and experiential technology. As a provider of talent transformation solutions for the modern workplace that’s our core value proposition.

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