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How to Retain Talent by 30%

Retaining a staff has become a critical goal, as the cost to hire and train a new employee is approximately 1.5x the salary. One strategy to enrich employees’ experience at an organization is focusing on their professional development. When looking for learning tools that will help staff members develop skills and strengthen leadership capabilities, one should focus on material that’s accessible (cloud-based training systems), goal-oriented, and personalized.

Cloud-based material means users are able to access the material online anywhere at any time. Material that is immersive and goal-oriented enables users to keep track of their progress and recognize areas they’re growing in and areas that require more development. Gamification learning that is personalized means learners are able to make mistakes and learn from them- this is critical for growth.

Although only 25% of companies feel comfortable with online learning and development training, it has revitalized the learning industry. Companies like TELUS and Deloitte have invested in eLearning for their staff and they are reporting positive outcomes.

There are 5 steps to developing an immersive eLearning experience:

  1. Build a culture that motivates learning and developing
  2. Identify the budget for professional development
  3. Focus spending on strategic solutions
  4. Assign an individual to lead the learning and development strategy
  5. Develop measurement tactics and monitor improvements

To learn more about retaining talent, click here.


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