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Seven Reasons Leaders Are Choosing Tech-Based Learning

In today's dynamic and ever-changing corporate environment, leaders must strive to create and maintain a well trained workforce that can adapt and foster success in any industry. In order to achieve this, numerous top leaders and organizations have opted to implement technology based learning in their training framework. Their learning programs include games and simulations, videos, webinars and other experiential learning tools.

But how can these diverse strategies create tangible and effective results in the workplace? Here, we outline seven reasons why any leader should choose tech-based learning for their organizations:

  1. Technology based learning better engages distributed and virtual workforces, recognizing the changes that are needed due to globalization and the growth in telecommuting.
  2. It leverages the use of mobile phones, the one thing most people have.
  3. It provides the opportunity for skill development anytime, anywhere (a key driver for attracting Millennials)
  4. Technology based learning allows for individualized ownership of learning and one's career path
  5. It provides data analytics to improve learning
  6. It allows for social and informal experiences by including features from different social media platforms.
  7. This type of learning also supports a holistic learning experience- rather than replacing the human learning experience, it will enhance it.

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