Talent Assessments

Assess hi-potential employees virtually, at scale, with comprehensive reports, and minimal human effort and error. 

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Assess Accurately & Rapidly while Managing Scale

Our Virtual Assessment Centre is a readily deployable, cost-effective, credible and convenient solution, which comprehensively assesses important competencies for each role. Now you can assess your workforce with all the right tools that are hand-picked and mapped to your competencies. You can administer the assessments with ease, without any location or logistical constraints.

Leadership & Business Simulations

Our highly engaging simulations that encapsulate well-researched, relevant and real-time business, talent challenges and customer-centric; cater to a fun, immersive and memorable assessment experience.

Psychometric Tools

Use our world-class, well-researched and valid Psychometric Tool (catering to various talent levels viz. Individual Contributors, SMEs, Managers, Sales Staff, Senior Executives etc.) to garner accurate insights on highly effective behaviour required for success at the workplace.

Cultural Fitment Tools

Our questionnaire on Unique Motivators covers individual, job-related values, motives and interests that helps assess the ‘cultural fitment’ of an individual within a company, department or team.

Cognitive Tools

Aptitude Tests are powerful predictors of long-term professional success. For Recruitment particularly, Cognitive/Ability Tests offer an efficient and valid way of pre-selection. Our battery of 30+ Cognitive Instruments make optimum use of web-technology, are highly reliable, and are designed in a way that enables decentralized execution, thus eliminating the need for manual proctoring. 

InBox Simulation

This simulation akin to the ‘Intray’ brings together real-life-like events and situations that Managers are likely to face in their roles and help assess the efficacy of their execution on a number of crucial parameters. They are required to prioritize issues in alignment with the organization's policies and achieve key business objectives that determine Customer Satisfaction.

Case Studies

Why subject participants to voluminous, black & white and boring case studies? Use our cloud-based, online, multi-media enabled platform to conveniently host, solve and evaluate case studies at a click.  

+65 other tools

Use our suite of tools to build custom solutions.

Success stories

Why organizations love KNOLSKAPE's Assessment platform?

No constraints

Traditional assessments require assessor and participant to be in the same geography. KNOLSKAPE removes geography constraints; participants can take the assessment - anytime, anywhere.

High engagement

Traditional methods can be intimidating, and bring along the anxiety of ‘taking an exam at a centre’. KNOLSKAPE delivers high user engagement by involving the user in a simulation.

Lower costs and time

Managing a large number of assessments by traditional methods is expensive and time-consuming. KNOLSKAPE considerably reduces cost (as much as 35%( and time of assessments.

Scale exponentially

Managers often complain of lack of scale with traditional assessments. Now, empower your organization with speed and scale of assessments.

Greater insights

Traditional assessments focus only on knowledge and understanding. KNOLSKAPE provides a larger picture that includes participant behavioural traits.

High accuracy

Conventional methods are as accurate as the assessor. KNOLSKAPE eliminates the component of human error by assessing each competency with a minimum of two varying tools

Concise reports

Report-making is a chore using traditional assessments. KNOLSKAPE automates the report-creation process; the software generates reports immediately upon completion of the simulations.

Bigger picture

KNOLSKAPE's Assessment Centre is part of a larger platform that addresses employee development and engagement. Use one single platform to get everything done for employee productivity and growth.

We were clear that traditional assessments would not work for us. KNOLSKAPE is the only vendor that came to mind for a new-age assessment solution, given their product capabilities, expertise and reputation. We are very satisfied with the entire process and look forward to working with them again.

Grace Powell

Head of Learning & Development,
Tata Business Support Services