Engaged employees impact business positively and exponentially, as they are instrumental in the company moving forward.

Only 14% of your workforce may feel engaged

Current workforce engagement practices prove to be challenging because of an increasing number of employees who are not engaged or disinterested in activities they consider long and laborious. Organizations must find ways to engage those who are actively disengaged and tailor their approach to address increasing numbers of millenials. KNOLSKAPE gamified LMS and mobile platforms provide new age, continuous engagement to employees at all levels.


KNOLSKAPE Engagement Solutions

Our platform provides a new-age solution to companies’ onboarding initiatives, engaging new hires even before they join the organization, reducing onboarding time, stimulating productivity through a faster learning process, and integrating people better through a common learning and interaction model.

KNOLSKAPE Micro Learning solutions help corporates bridge the gap between organization expectation and employee need, delivering high knowledge recall and skill development to supplement traditional learning approaches in a fun, engaging and highly retentive manner.

Using KNOLSKAPE's AktivLearn mobile-based delivery platform that utilizes bite-sized learning and gamified engagement principles, corporates can create significantly greater impact in their engagement and communication programs, while continuing to supplement the agenda with traditional means.

KNOLSKAPE campus engagement solutions provide differentiated intiatives that utilize experential technologies that help companies stand out at campuses to communicate their values, build their brand and attract the best talent.

The AktivQuest Gamified Quizzing Solution Platform enables organizations to improve employee learning experiences, while engaging them in an entertaining and competitive environment, outside of the classroom.

Connect in a way they remember

Employer branding

  • Employees develop a more positive opinion of the organization.
  • Employers attract highly skilled and motivated talent.

Continuous Learning

  • Learning bites and activities available to employees periodically
  • Effective assimilation and recall through peer learning.

Enhanced ROI

  • Reduced investment of time and money.
  • Empowers employees to create value faster.

Improved Employee Morale

  • Increased engagement and improved productivity
  • Development of a positive work culture and exponential business growth.

Success stories

I have worked closely with KNOLSKAPE for the past year and a half. They have helped design a simulation that models how consumers react in a financial crisis. The simulation is fairly complicated relying on data from multiple countries over time at different levels of aggregation (both macro aggregates and micro indicators).

Associate Professor of Economics, INSEAD