The AktivQuest Gamified Quizzing Solution Platform enables organizations to improve employee learning experiences, while engaging them in an entertaining and competitive environment, outside of the classroom. Designed to test, refresh and measure learning retention, the competitive aspect of the platform derives its scoring model from gamification mechanics and learning principles.

Transforming Employee Experience

Employees in modern workplaces commit to their organization based on their varied experiences within the organization, including even the smallest part of their everyday life at work. In line with this, a recent study by Deloitte found that while 80 percent executives rate employee experience as important or very important, only 22% executives report that their organizations excel at building differentiated employee experiences for their employees.

Here is where KNOLSKAPE can help. The AktivQuest Gamified Quizzing Solution creates personalized learning and immersive engagement experiences through quizzes for on-demand consumption, and provides thorough learning insights for superior employee experience.


How it works

Varied Question Types

The platform allows for the inclusion of varied question types: Multiple choice question, True/False, Multiple answer question, Image-based questions, Clue-based questions, etc.

Multiplay options

Individual play for pure learning focus.Team play through challenges for added fun, competition, and social engagement


Varying Difficulty levels

Gamification dynamics and mechanics allow for question configuration for each increasing difficulty level through timers. Randomized questions ensures active engagement and competition.

Workflow Management

Automated activities such as emailers, reports, leaderboards, analytics, notifications, etc

Integrated Analytics

Directly measurable scores. Provides thorough learner insights

Multi-platform Accessibility

The platform can easily be accessed through multiple platforms through a simple configuration and a single sign-on: iOS, Android, Web

Success stories

I have been using the KNOLSKAPE simulation (ChangeQuest) in my course and students have found it extremely interesting. The pedagogy is not only innovative but also specific to the Indian context. One of the major strengths of KNOLSKAPE is that they can dove-tail the simulation according to the needs of the participants. 

Dr. Sweta Srivastava Malla

Assistant Professor Of Organizational Behavior, IIFT