Micro Learning

KNOLSKAPE Micro Learning solutions help corporates bridge the gap between organization expectation and employee need, delivering high knowledge recall and skill development to supplement traditional learning approaches in a fun, engaging and highly retentive manner.

Bite-sized, easy to consume

The modern learner has become used to, as a consumer of technology, consuming hundreds of tiny pieces of information every day in the form of work information, news, social media and notifications. KNOLSKAPE Micro Learning solutions help engage people by delivering bite-sized sections to augment conventional classroom sessions.


How it works

Bite-sized content

Using the KNOLSKAPE AktivLearn mobile platform, organizations can deliver comprehensive skill development content in bite-sized sections, that augments the learning imparted during facilitator-led classroom sessions and self-paced modules, which employees can readily consume and implement.

Easy to consume

Employees engage in learning recall through lean modules, in short sections, based on their interest and the time available to them.

Access anytime, anywhere

The content snippets are made available to learners always, and can be accessed from wherever they are. This solution is based on the KNOLSKAPE AktivLearn mobile platform.

Results obtained over workshops and classroom sessions throw up data of the effectiveness of micro learning for skill development and self-help content over larger modules.

Success stories

I have been using the KNOLSKAPE simulation (ChangeQuest) in my course and students have found it extremely interesting. The pedagogy is not only innovative but also specific to the Indian context. One of the major strengths of KNOLSKAPE is that they can dove-tail the simulation according to the needs of the participants. 

Dr. Sweta Srivastava Malla

Assistant Professor Of Organizational Behavior, IIFT