Role Onboarding

An effective onboarding program can improve the organizational fit, role readiness and job performance of every new hire. Start using KNOLSKAPE's gamified engagement solutions in order to create fun engagement experiences for new hires, powered by web and mobile-enabled platforms.

A welcome they will remember

KNOLSKAPE’s gamified engagement solutions create a completely new way to engage with new hires, even before they are formally on board. Using the web and mobile-enabled platforms, organizations can invite new hires to learn more about their new company and teams through guided tours that include introductory videos, interesting content, extensive learning material and fun quizzes. 


Effective Onboarding via KNOLSKAPE

Gamified onboarding

Our web-based, social gamified onboarding platform engages new employees before day 1.

Better productivity

Since employees embark on a faster learning curve, the program stimulates productivity.

Automated and quick

Automation reduces chances of a crucial process getting left out due to human error.

Better integration

Integrates people better through a common learning and interaction model.

Productivity begins on Day 1

Employee engagement

  • Enhances employee engagement and improves assimilation of new hires
  • New hires are able to establish relationships and professional networks with peers, both within and outside of their teams.
  • New hires better understand the organization’s culture, norms, and values.

Ready to deliver

  • Better role preparedness, greater productivity at work
  • New hires have greater role clarity, thereby reducing time for new hires to reach performance and productivity standards.

Tracking offer not joined

  • Available to new hires even before they join the organization.
  • HR teams can estimate the likelihood of someone not joining the organization, by tracking their pre-onboarding activities on the platform.

Monitoring & Analytics

  • HR teams can track the progress of new hires through a centralized dashboard, without having to physically keep a watch over the onboarding engagement.
  • HR teams receive comprehensive, integrated analytics and reporting that provide insights on engagement levels, onboarding completion, user feedback, and the success rate of the onboarding initiative.
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Success stories

I have been using the KNOLSKAPE simulation (ChangeQuest) in my course and students have found it extremely interesting. The pedagogy is not only innovative but also specific to the Indian context. One of the major strengths of KNOLSKAPE is that they can dove-tail the simulation according to the needs of the participants. 

Dr. Sweta Srivastava Malla

Assistant Professor Of Organizational Behavior, IIFT